Our support programme


We have always liked to support the kids that are not so lucky as to freely enjoy the fun and freedom of childhood. Serious illnesses, social disadvantage or adverse family situation, for example living in extreme poverty, having ill, alcoholic or abusive parents can significantly reduce the chance for a happy, valuable and productive life for the kids affected.

We have launched the programme to help these children as much as possible to have experiences that they could either not or very rarely have.

We would like to give them the possibility to get out of their sometimes stiflingly narrow limitations, to give them the chance to have inspiring experiences and for a couple of days forget about their sorrow. If we do it right, they can realize that there is another way…

With the Show your heart! movement, our plan is to provide regular support in cooperation with different child welfare organizations and with our partners. Our partners, guests and those who are interested can be informed about these programmes on our website and on Facebook. We welcome foundations or other organizations as well as individuals who wish to participate in our programme either as an organizer or as a sponsor.

Nest Camp, 4-9 August 2014, Hotel Garda Szombathely

The first stage of the Show your heart! programme was realized with the cooperation of Nest Child Welfare Association 4-9 August 2014 in Szombathely.

This association takes care of children who have got into serious crisis, their parents are not able or are not suitable to look after them, and as a consequence the children are cared for by the state, living in temporary homes with caretakers.

During the short time of their lives most of them have already had traumas that are hard to imagine. Visiting an open pool, going to the cinema or having a treat in a cake shop is a rare event for them, not to mention horse riding or visiting an adventure park. They were happy and grateful for all they received. Many thanks to all our supporters.


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